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Top Tips For Autumn/Winter Calving

Calving, at the best of times, can be very challenging and labour intensive but autumn and winter calving comes with its own set of unique challenges. Cold and wet weather, fewer hours of daylight and higher birth weights are a few that spring to mind. Why would anyone choose to calve at this time of […]

Tips For Raising Grass Fed Beef

Patience is a virtue Raising or finishing cattle on grass is a longer process than grain feeding or finishing. In fact, grass-finishing can often require 24 and 30 months. By comparison, steers can be finished on grain in three to five months depending on how old the calves are when the graining process begins. Calves […]

Is Grass-fed Beef hormone-free?

The debate over whether grass-fed or grain-fed meat is better for human health has raged for years. Is it really healthier than conventional beef? And does it contain added hormones? Some experts believe that grass-fed beef contains fewer harmful chemicals and antibiotics than conventionally raised beef. Others say that grass-fed beef is no more nutritious […]

How to Cook Grass-Fed Beef

Do you want to eat healthier food at home? If yes, then you should try cooking grass-fed beef. This is because it has less fat and cholesterol compared to other types of meat. Grass-fed beef is usually raised on pastureland, where they get to graze freely. They also tend to live longer and have a […]

Beef Lifecycle

When biting into a juicy burger or ordering up an all-beef hot dog, it can be easy to forget the journey that beef took to get to your mouth. In fact, most people don’t even consider how beef arrives on their plate and although the obvious answer would be a farm, there is a lot […]

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