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My Dad, Tyler Martinez, has been ranching and raising cattle for over 50 years. My Grandpa his dad Jim Martinez made his career as a commodities broker and grew up ranching and raising cattle with his father my great grandpa Papa Tom. I have been ranching with my dad for 35 years and just started raising and growing my own cattle herd about 10 years ago. My brother in law Josh Gruber just started his herd about 5 years ago to start a college fund for his two sons, my nephews Brooks and Beau. The 21 Bar comes from the the day Brooks was born the 21st of May.

Our grass fed program is sustainable and we take the utmost care of our land through ranch management, our cattle and the natural resources entrusted in our care. As we continue to grow, we embrace our obligation to eliminate waste, preserve the environment and support the ranching way of life.

We produce our cattle to highest quality and wholesomeness. From the great genetics and breeding in our cattle to the way we treat and feed our cattle throughout our grass fed program.

Our mission is to provide great quality food to great quality people.

Please feel free to email txbargrassfed@gmail.com with any questions that you might have and I will be happy to answer them for you.

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