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We will only harvest the animal with a complete whole beef order. If you would like only 1/2 a beef, we have a first come first serve list and we can partner you up with someone that wants the other 1/2.

You can customize your whole or 1/2 beef order and choose the specific cuts you would like, how many cuts you want per package and customize what size cuts you want the butcher to cut and wrap your beef 🥩 cuts for you.

We harvest a whole or a 1/2 beef to fill your freezer with natural, grass fed, local, sustainable beef. Please call or text us for additional info 530 949 4241.
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Best Grass Fed Beef in Northern California

Welcome to the TXbar Grassfed Beef website, where we invite you to step into the heart and soul of our family's rich heritage in cattle ranching. For over five generations, our family has been dedicated to the art of raising cattle and providing the finest quality grassfed beef.

We are thrilled to share our story with you, highlighting the deep-rooted traditions that have shaped our journey...

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    Reserve your 1/2 grass fed beef 🥩 with a $850 deposit or $1450 for a whole grass fed beef 🥩 order.

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