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How Many Stomachs Does a Cow Have?

You may be aware that unlike humans, cows have more than one stomach. In fact, cows have four stomachs in total. However, some people may view it as one stomach with four compartments. Cows are classed as ruminates, which are a group of mammals that have evolved in order to live off plants that are […]

Can dogs eat beef organs?

Organ meat or entrails are rich sources of vitamin A, B, D and E and contain important minerals such as zinc, phosphorus and iron, but are they edible? The answer is yes, in fact organ meats are some of the most nutrient dense food you could feed to your dog. When compared to lean muscle […]

How much of a cow is used for meat?

It is estimated that 70 percent of a cow is used for meat. This figure comes from The U.S. Department of Agriculture, however, those in the industry would estimate this figure to be closer to 60 percent.  To put this into context, a 1200 pound cow with average muscle mass and ½ inch fat, yields […]

What is cow sharing?

Cow sharing involves farmers ‘sharing’ a cow and cow-related products with other individuals who are generally non-farmers. Cow sharing is typically done via the internet however, people have beendoing it ever since the invention of freezers and refrigerators. Cow sharing has become more popular in recent years with more people wanting to support small family […]

Cost of Buying a Cow For Meat

Buying in bulk, whether that be a full cow or a half a cow, it is the most cost efficient and affordable way to buy your beef. Whichever option you choose, you can expect that to cost you, on average, $6-$7 per pound of beef. When buying a cow for meat, there are some important […]

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