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Nutrients in Grass Fed beef

Grass-fed beef is not only tastier but it is also healthier and better for you. It has fewer calories as it contains less overall fat in comparison to conventional beef. Grass-fed beef also contains a significantly larger amount of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) and Omega-3 fatty acids, which are better for your heart and general […]

The Best Breed of Cattle For Grass Fed Beef

Here at TX Bar, our grass-fed cattle are predominantly Black Angus and Black Angus Cross. When choosing a breed of cattle for a grass-fed herd, it is important to choose small to moderate-sized cattle as they require less forage to meet finishing weights. We use Black Angus because of their carcass characteristics, which yield well-marbled, […]

How To Buy Half A Cow

Not only are there many health benefits of buying our grass-fed beef (Check out our blog 5 Health Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef), but it is also environmentally more efficient. Here at TX Bar, we produce some of the best quality grass-fed beef that Northern California has to offer. However, we understand that not everyone wants […]

Why Is Grass Fed Beef Better?

As we have mentioned in some of our previous blog posts the benefits of grass fed beef when compared to other types of beef are endless. In today’s blog post we are going to go through in detail why grass fed beef is better for us humans, for the cattle themselves, and even the environment. […]

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