The Best Iron Skillet For Steaks

A cast iron skillet is an affordable kitchen workhorse that lasts, and many cooks have owned their cast iron skillets for years. When looking for a new cast iron skillet, there are a few things you’ll want to consider: Pre-seasoning, handle length, helper handle, and pour spout. Pre-seasoning- Cast iron is unique in that the […]

Does your Beef have the mRNA Vaccine?

At TX Bar Grassfed Cattle Company, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, sustainably-raised beef that is 100% antibiotic and hormone-free. We also prioritize transparency and education, which is why we want to address a common misconception that we have encountered.  Some people have asked whether we use mRNA vaccines on our cattle, and we want […]

Beef Stroganoff Recipe

Stroganoff, a creamy dish of sautéed beef and mushrooms, is the ultimate comfort food. It’s perfect for dishing up with noodles, rice or potatoes and serving to a big crowd or reheating for a day or two after you prepare it for the perfect, easy leftover meal. Ingredients Method

How to Choose the Best Cuts of Beef for Your Next BBQ

Understanding Different Cuts of Beef Understanding the various beef cuts available is essential before visiting the butcher. Primal cuts, which are further subdivided into sub-primal cuts, are used to cut beef. There are differences in the texture, flavor, and softness of each sub-primal cut. Brisket, short ribs, beef ribs, tri-tip, and ribeye are some of […]

What is a Good Bull Worth?

What is a Good Bull Worth?

The question that ranchers have been asking for a long time now, or at least as long as we have been breeding cattle with a notion of trying to make the next generation better. It is a classic and timeless question.  It is an important question.  Understanding the Value of a Good Bull Many times […]

Do beef prices drive consumption or does beef consumption drive prices?

Do beef prices drive consumption or does beef consumption drive prices?

Dr. Kenny Burdine,  Extension Professor, Livestock Marketing of University of Kentucky has raised the question many times at his Extension programs, which aim to educate and inform local residents. He speaks about general trends in production levels of beef, pork and chicken. Of course, we will focus mainly on beef.  Analyzing Beef Production Trends As […]