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Why You Should Be Buying Bulk Grass Fed Beef in 2020 (Update for Coronavirus)

Coronavirus Update: With the ongoing global pandemic caused by Covid-19, now more than ever is the perfect time to stock up on a bulk order of grass fed beef. We are working around the clock here at our ranch in Northern California to ensure that our valued customers receive the highest quality grass fed beef. […]

What Are The Environmental Benefits of Grass Fed Beef?


What is Grass Fed Beef? As the name suggests, grass fed beef is produced from cows that mostly have a diet consisting of grass. This leads to the beef containing less fat and being generally considered to be more nutritious. This higher quality beef can be slightly more expensive when compared to grain fed beef […]

Grass-fed Beef vs Grain-fed Beef – Which is Better?

Grass fed Beef vs Grain fed Beef – Which is Better? Grass Fed beef Straight off the bat, there are a number of health benefits that you get when it comes to eating grass fed cattle. These include far leaner cuts of meat and a higher percentage of healthy acids. The famous saying “you are […]

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