What is a Good Bull Worth?

What is a Good Bull Worth?

The question that ranchers have been asking for a long time now, or at least as long as we have been breeding cattle with a notion of trying to make the next generation better. It is a classic and timeless question.  It is an important question. 

Understanding the Value of a Good Bull

Many times the answer given will be something along the lines of “A good bull is worth the value of five calves he sires.”  It is a good answer and a good rule of thumb to follow but it doesn’t exactly narrow down the range.  In fact, it may lead to further questions, such as, ‘When are you marketing your calves?’ and/or ‘What is the value of these calves?’.

Market Value of Calves: Current Insights

According to the most recent USDA Cattle Market Report from Oklahoma National Stockyards:

  • Weaned Steer Calves: Weighing 523lb., these calves sell for approximately $2.31/lb., valuing each at $1,208. Thus, five such calves would value a good bull at about $6,040.

  • Yearling Steers: Weighing 874 lb., these steers sell for about $1.78/lb., valuing each at $1,555. Therefore, five yearlings place a good bull’s worth at about $7,775.

  • Finished Beef Steers: Weighing 1,400 lb., these steers are worth $164.50/cwt live, totaling $2,303 each. Consequently, a bull responsible for such steers would be worth approximately $11,515 based on five offspring

Factors Influencing a Bull’s Worth

So, in the current market, a good bull is worth somewhere between $6,040 – $11,515 to a commercial cattle operation. Where exactly in that range depends on your marketing plan and the market conditions at that time. It is not possible to give an exact figure here because there are so many different factors and variables but it should give you a rough idea.

Long-Term Value Through Retained Ownership

One key point illustrated here is that the longer you will own the offspring before marketing, the greater the value of the bull to your operation. Retained ownership gives you more time and opportunity to capture the value of your investment in genetics. And we haven’t even considered the value added to replacement females if we select daughters as our next generation of cows.

Genetic Impact on Future Generations

For cow-calf operations it is advisable to consider the production system and marketing plan in order to determine where to apply selection pressure. Genetics will pay when you purchase a bull capable of improving genetic potential for the specific traits that will translate to added value at your intended marketing point.

Economic Considerations for Cow-Calf Producers

For many cow-calf producers, cutting costs has become a matter of survival. But when it comes to the bottom line, lower costs will get you only halfway. You must also increase the performance of and add value to your calf crop to stay competitive. Because 80% of herd improvement is directly attributable to bull selection, determining what you can pay for a bull depends on more than finding the lowest price.

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