Can dogs eat beef organs?

Organ meat or entrails are rich sources of vitamin A, B, D and E and contain important minerals such as zinc, phosphorus and iron, but are they edible? The answer is yes, in fact organ meats are some of the most nutrient dense food you could feed to your dog. When compared to lean muscle meat, entrails have significantly more vitamins and nutrients, all of which are essential to your dog’s health.

You may be wondering which organs are safe for your canine to eat. The answer is all of them, given the cow was well-reared and healthy. The brain, eyes, stomach, liver, heart and kidney are just some examples of organs you could feed your dog. Of course, not all of these organs are commonly available and people may be reluctant to store some of these in their freezer. However, by adding in a few that are readily available you will be giving your dog’s diet a huge boost. 

If we look at beef kidney, for example, a serving of 3 ounces has 135 calories. Seventy percent of these calories are from proteins and the remaining calories come from fats. Beef kidney contains all the nutrients that help dogs to maintain a shiny coat, healthy heart and promote strong muscles and they are very low in carbohydrates. 

How much organ meat can a dog eat? Well, it is recommended that organs make up 25% of the canine’s diet. Furthermore, there should be no single organ which accounts for more than 5-10% of the dog’s diet. For example, if you can only get kidney meat on a given day then it should be only 10% of the dog’s meal. On the other hand, if you have a variety of organs you may feed the dog up to 25%.

Finally, choosing organic grass fed organs is undoubtedly the best for your dog’s health. It is important to note that the store you buy from should have a good turnover because organ meats are more perishable than muscle meats. Feeding them raw will ensure the dog gets the most nutrients from the organs since some are temperature sensitive. However, boiling them is also a perfectly viable option.

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